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Expand your heavy equipment fleet for specific construction, material handling, compaction, demolition jobs, and more. With one of the largest construction equipment rental fleets in the region, Wilson Equipment is your go to source for high quality machines from top brands like CASE, Link-Belt, Terramac, BOMAG, and more.

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Nearly any type of rental equipment is available

From skid steer rentals to excavators to backhoe loaders, Wilson has the machine you need for the job. All rental equipment is available for delivery from our Louisville, Lexington, Corbin, Elizabethtown, and Prestonsburg locations.

Compact track loader rental

With excellent maneuverability and the ability to use multiple attachments, CASE and Takeuchi compact track loaders can take on a wide range of material loading applications.

ModelNet Rated Engine PowerOperating Weight
TL6R65 hp7,485 lb
TR27068 hp8,270 lb
TR31068 hp8,880 lb
TV37068 hp9,630 lb
TL10V274 hp9,950 lb
TL23068.4 hp8,311 lb
TL874 hp8,455 lb
TR32084 hp9,600 lb
TR34084 hp10,000 lb
TV38084 hp10,550 lb
TV45084 hp10,610 lb
TL24086 hp10,115 lb
TL1092 hp10,318 lb
TL25098 hp11,630 lb
TL12110 hp11,618 lb
TL12R2111 hp12,300 lb
TL12V2111 hp12,860 lb

Skid steer rental

From skid steers to excavators and backhoe loaders, Wilson has the machine you need for the job Horsepower ranges from 49 to 90 horsepower and operating weights from 1,300 to 3,400 lb, meaning you can take on the toughest loading jobs.

ModelEngine PowerRated Operating Capacity
SR13045 hp1,300 lb
SR15049 hp1,500 lb
410 Series 357 hp1,500 lb
SR17564 hp1,750 lb
SV18557 hp1,850 lb
SR16057 hp1,600 lb
SR21068 hp2,100 lb
SR24068 hp2,400 lb
SV28068 hp2,800 lb
SR27084 hp2,700 lb
SV34084 hp3,400 lb
420 Series 369 hp1,850 lb
SR20070 hp2,000 lb
SR22076 hp2,200 lb
SV25076 hp2,500 lb
430 Series 377 hp2,000 lb
SR25084 hp2,500 lb
SV30084 hp3,000 lb

Backhoe rental

CASE loader backhoe rentals are engineered to maximize productivity and versatility on the jobsite. Industry leading breakout force and improved loader capacity mean you can complete the toughest jobs, fast.

ModelNet Engine PowerOperating Weight
580N EP68 hp15,810 lb
580N83 hp17,751 lb
580SN95 hp19,067 lb
580SN WT108 hp20,077 lb
590SN108 hp20,532 lb

Wheel loader rental

Load roadbuilding, landscaping, and mining materials and aggregate in the warmer months, quickly clear away snow in the winter months with wheel loader rentals from Wilson Equipment. Both compact and standard sized models are available, to work on jobsites both large and small.

ModelWeightBucket Capacity
521E118 hp23,069 lb
65TMV-2 / 621E XT146 hp28,709 lb
21F58 hp10,913 lb
121F64 hp11,023 lb
221F74 hp12,547 lb
321F74 hp13,303 lb
521G131 hp24,290 lb
621G162 hp28,159 lb
721G179 hp32,492 lb
821G211 hp40,057 lb
921G242 hp45,070 lb
1021G296 hp56,365 lb
1121G320 hp61,650 lb

Dozer rental

Take advantage of best in class powertrain technology to deliver superior track power and unmatched blade force to move the heaviest material on any jobsite with CASE dozer rentals.

ModelHP Blade Width

Mini excavator rental

Complete large excavating jobs on the smallest jobsites with CASE and Takeuchi mini excavator rentals from Wilson Equipment. These machines are perfect for residential construction, landscaping, and utility work.

ModelNet Engine Power Operating Weight
TB210R12 hp2,370 lbs
CX17B / TB01615.15 hp3,638 lbs
TB21615 hp3,902 lbs
CX17C17 hp3,910 lbs
TB216H15 hp4,277 lbs
CX26C25 hp5,520 lbs
CX27B / TB22821.3 hp5,556 lbs
CX30C25 hp6,020 lbs
TB23025 hp6,360 lbs
CX31B28.4 hp6,679 lbs
CX33C25 hp7,100 lbs
TB23529.8 hp7,950 lbs
CX36B28.4 hp7,958 lbs
CX37C25 hp7,990 lbs
TB138FR27.8 hp8,492 lbs
TB25039.7 hp10,950 lbs
CX57C67 hp12,260 lbs
CX55B39.3 hp12,295 lbs
TB153FR38.7 hp12,681 lbs
CX60C65 hp12,940 lbs

Full size excavator rental

Need to complete a large excavating or demolition job? Expand your fleet with a CASE, Link-Belt, or Takeuchi mid or full size excavator rental. With horsepower ranging from 25 to 532 HP and operating weights from 7,253 lb to 178,575 lb no application is too large to undertake.

Standard/Conventional Excavators 

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
CX130B / 130X295 hp27,800 lbs
CX160B / 160X2120 hp37,700 lbs
CX210B / 210X2 / 210X3157 hp47,400 lbs
CX240B / 240X2177 hp55,120 lbs
CX290B / 290X2 / 300X3207 hp65,697 lbs
CX350C / 350X2 / 350X3271  hp79,065 lbs
CX470C / 460X2362 hp103,800 lbs
TB235-225 hp7,253 lb lbs
TB24036 hp8,570 lb lbs
TB26048 hp12,125 lb lbs
CX80C55 hp18,800 lb lbs
TB29069 hp18,630 lb lbs
130 X4102 hp29,100 lb lbs
CX130D102 hp29,131 lb lbs
160 X4112 hp38,400 lb lbs
CX160D112 hp38,400 lb lbs
TB2150114 hp34,480 lb lbs
210 X4160 hp48,900 lb lbs
CX210D160 hp48,973 lb lbs
250 X4177 hp56,900 lb lbs
CX250D177 hp56,909 lb lbs
CX290D MH177 hp72,100 lb lbs
300 X4207 hp67,000 lb lbs
CX300D207 hp67,271 lb lbs
350 X4268 hp82,400 lb lbs
CX350D268 hp82,483 lb lbs
CX500D ME329 hp111,800 lb lbs
490 X4362 hp112,900 lb lbs
CX490D362 hp109,300 lb lbs
CX750D460 hp158,300 lb lbs
750 X4512 hp158,300 lb lbs
CX800B532 hp178,575 lb lbs

Short Radius Excavators

Model Engine Power Operating Weight
CX75 / 75 MSR / CX80B / 80MSR54 hp17,468 lbs
TB180FR60.5 hp18,821 lbs
CX135 / 135MSR95 hp29,631 lbs
CX225 / 225MSR153 hp53,223 lbs
75 X3 Spin Ace54 hp17,400 lbs
80 X3 Spin Ace54 hp18,900 lbs
CX75C SR55 hp16,200 lbs
TB280FR69 hp18,810 lbs
145 X3 Spin Ace100 hp33,069 lbs
CX145C SR100 hp31,967 lbs
145 X4 Spin Ace102 hp33,600 lbs
CX145D SR102 hp32,100 lbs
235 X3 Spin Ace160 hp56,879 lbs
245 X4 Spin Ace160 hp56,900 lbs
CX235C SR160 hp56,029 lbs
CX245D SR160 hp56,900 lbs

Long Reach Models

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
CX210LR / 210X2 LF157 hp50,600 lbs
CX240LR / CX250C / 250X3177 hp61,750 lbs
250 X4 LF177 hp63,600 lbs
350 X4 LF268 hp88,280 lbs

Motor grader rental

From road maintenance to preparing construction jobsites, a CASE motor grader rental from Wilson Equipment will get the job done. All wheel drive delivers superior responsiveness and improved steering on surfaces from mud to sand, and snow to river banks.

ModelHPBlade LengthWeight
65E12010'16,900 lbs
84514012'29,777 lbs
86516913'32,077 lbs
836C13711'26,466 lbs
856C17312'33,966 lbs
865B20514'33,796 lbs
885B21914'39,771 lbs

Telehandler and forklift rental

Take advantage of best in class lifting speeds and fast travel times with telehandler and forklift rentals from Wilson. Efficiently lift and transport materials weighing from 6,000 to 10,000 lb to heights ranging from 15' to 53' 2".

ModelEngine PowerLift Capacity
586G Series 380 HP6,000 lb
588G Series 380 HP8,000 lb
586H Series 368 HP6,000 lb
588H Series 368 HP8,000 lb

ModelEngine PowerLift Capacity
G5-18A74 HP5,500 lb
603674 HP6,000 lb
604274 HP6,000 lb
8042110 HP8,000 lb
10042110 HP10,000 lb
10054110 HP10,000 lb

Hydraulic breaker rental

Smash through tough materials on any demolition job by renting a hydraulic breaker from Wilson Equipment. We carry models that can attach to excavators, backhoes, mini excavators, skid steers, and compact track loaders.

ModelCarrier WeightImpact ClassImpact Rate
PB1102,867-6,615 lb200 lb560-1700 /min
PB1604,631-9,923 lb350 lb670-1450 /min
PB2106,395-13,230 lb550 lb520-1150 /min
PB3109,261-19,845 lb640 lb530-1150 /min
PB42011,466-26,460 lb795 lb530-1050 /min
PB53019,841-33,069 lb1,212 lb590-1100 /min
Carriers: Backhoes, Mini Excavators, Skid Steers, Compact Track Loaders

ModelCarrier WeightImpact ClassImpact Rate
MB 75022,000-37,400 lb2,000 lb370-840 /min
MB 100026,400-46,200 lb2,500 lb350-750 /min
MB 120033,000-57,200 lb3,000 lb340-680 /min
MB 150037,400-63,800 lb3,500 lb330-680 /min
MB 170041,800-70,400 lb4,000 lb320-640 /min
HB 200048,400-83,600 lb5,000 lb300-600 /min
HB 250059,400-101,200 lb6,500 lb280-550 /min
HB 310070,400-114,400 lb7,500 lb280-560 /min
HB 360077,000-138,600 lb8,500 lb280-560 /min
HB 410099,000-176,000 lb10,000 lb280-520 /min
Carriers: Excavators

Roller and compaction equipment rental

No matter what size paving job you have to complete, you can get it done with roller and compaction equipment rentals from Wilson Equipment.

Double Drum Smooth

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
BW90017.7 hp2,502 lb
BW120AD33.8 hp5,732 lb
BW138AD54.3 hp9,259 lb
BW278AD130 hp25,800 lb
BW120SL25 hp5,511 lb
BW120AD-534 hp6,261 lb
BW120AC-534 hp5,400 lb
BW135AD-545 hp8,488 lb
BW138AC-545 hp9,039 lb
BW138AD-545 hp9,370 lb
BW154APO-4i72 hp16,094 lb
BW141AD-573 hp15,212 lb
BW151AD-573 hp16,765 lb
BW174APO-4f100 hp20,944 lb
BW161AD-4101 hp19,511 lb
BW161AD-5114 hp21,600 lb
BW161ADO-5114 hp20,723 lb
BW190AD-5114 hp26,120 lb
BW190ADO-5114 hp24,912 lb
BW190AD-4HF134 hp25,353 lb
BW191AD-5HF141 hp29,762 lb
BW191ADO-5141 hp28,880 lb
BW206AD-5HF141 hp31,085 lb
BW206ADO-5141 hp30,093 lb

Single Drum Vibratory Rollers-Smooth

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
BW14556.1 hp11,170 lb
BW17766.4 hp15,355 lb
BW211133 hp22,930 lb
BW213153 hp26,590 lb
BW124DH-4044 hp7,010 lb
BW145D-574 hp10,472 lb
BW145DH-574 hp10,626 lb
BW177D-574 hp14,551 lb
BW177DH-574 hp14,771 lb
BW177D-5074 hp15,355 lb
BW177DH-5074 hp15,640 lb
BW211D-5127 hp23,369 lb
BW211DH-5127 hp24,008 lb
BW213D-5127 hp27,579 lb
BW213DH-5154 hp28,042 lb

Single Drum Vibratory Rollers-Pad Foot

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
BW14556.1 hp11,785 lb
BW177 66.4 hp16,115 lb
BW211133 hp25,785 lb
BW213 131 hp28,381 lb
BW124PDH-40 44 hp7,120 lb
BW145PDH-5 74 hp11,177 lb
BW177PDH-5 74 hp15,322 lb
BW177PDH-50 74 hp16,115 lb
BW211PD-5 127 hp26,675 lb
BW211PDH-5 127 hp27,690 lb
BW213PDH-5 154 hp30,478 lb
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